Home and Lifestyle Management

Home and Lifestyle Management

A-1’s interactive security systems don’t simply warn you of intruders – they act as a convenient home management tool. Our smart systems use artificial intelligence to learn your everyday habits and routines.

With our systems you can:

  • Control your home directly from your smartphone, computer or tablet
  • Save time and money without sacrificing security

Energy Management

A-1 Security provides integrated smart thermostats and light control modules that allow you to take control of your energy use. With our technology you can:

  • Individually control the temperature in any room
  • Adjust your thermostat anytime, anywhere
    Receive notifications directly to your phone when someone else in your home makes a change
  • Set limits to prevent your kids or visitors from adjusting the thermostat too low or too high
  • Manage lights with automatic schedules, and set rules to have lights automatically turn on or off
  • Get to work and realize you left your outdoor lights on? Turn them off remotely to save energy use

Doorbell Cameras

Who’s at the door?

With our interactive doorbell cameras, you’ll be able to see who’s knocking on your door in real time. Simply check your smartphone or tablet to see who’s at your home, even when you’re not. You can also:

  • Receive notifications when the doorbell is pressed
  • Speak with visitors through a built-in speaker
  • Unlock your door from your phone or tablet
  • Record video clips to reference later
  • Have lights turn on automatically when someone is at the door
  • Check in to see if anyone is near the door, even if they don’t press the doorbell

Family Protection

With our remote recorded cameras and bidirectional alarm systems, you will know if your children are coming home on time, whether they are doing homework or playing video games, and whether they are inviting friends into your home.

We also offer solutions that help you protect and monitor your aging loved ones even when they’re miles away. Our technology allows you to:

  • Give yourself the peace of mind that comes from knowing they will have prompt assistance in the event of an accident, fall, or medical emergency.
  • For age-in-place relatives, you can monitor their daily activities to make sure they’re taking medications or if they stay in bed all day.
  • Our system uses artificial intelligence to learn their daily routines, and will alert you if something abnormal happens or if they don’t complete a typical task.

PAWS Program

Pets are family too. Protect them with our Paws Program. A-1 provides fire and carbon monoxide protection, rescue decals, and even a pet cam. You’ll finally know what your pets are up to while you’re away!

A-1 Security’s Paws Program includes:

  • Carbon Monoxide detectors
  • Smoke detectors
  • Pet cameras
  • Pet decals to notify first responders that pets are in the house

Garage Door Module

Did you close your garage door?

It’s easy to forget, but our smart security system offers a feature that takes the worry away. With our module, you can:

  • Open or close your garage door remotely.
  • Receive notifications if the garage door is opened while you’re away or if it stays open for an extended period of time

Automated Smart Locks

Handing out copies of your home key is outdated and unsafe. Now there’s a smarter way to manage who can come and go. Our automated smart locks let you:

  • Create a code for every individual that needs to enter your home
  • Receive reports on who enters your home and when.
  • Grant access remotely for your out-of-town visitors, handymen, cleaning services or dog walkers.
  • Add, delete or restrict user codes at any time right from your computer or phone
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