Home emergencies can pop up in seconds. Are you
prepared for the worst case scenario?

Hazard Alarms
  • The damage from home emergencies can be extensive and cost you thousands.
  • A-1 Security offers a variety of different hazard alarms to keep your pipes from freezing, keep home electronics at proper operating temperatures and prevent basement flooding.  
  • You’ll receive alerts straight to your phone at the first onset of trouble.

Water Bugs

Water damage can cost you thousands of dollars in a matter of seconds if you’re not home to stop it in action. Our water bugs detect leaks and instantly alert you of danger.  

  • Water bugs will alert you of water leaking from frozen pipes – this is critical here in Colorado.
  • We can work with a plumber to install water shut off modules that will immediately cut off your water line to prevent serious damage.
  • This technology is crucial, especially if you have second homes in the mountains or in an area prone to flooding.
  • Water cut off modules allow you to cut off the water when you’re not at home, whether that home is down the street or hundreds of miles away.

Hi-Lo Temperature Bugs

Water isn’t the only thing that can create a hazardous environment in your home. Temperature can change drastically, and ruin your belongings and endanger your pets.

Our Hi/Lo temperature bugs will:

  • Alert you if the temperature in your home rises too high or drops too low.
  • Protect your pets, plants and electronics, as well as monitoring rooms that must remain at a strict temperature, such as wine cellars
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